Our coconut

One of the contributing factors to the superior taste of our coconut oil is due to the raw material.

Thai coconuts are renowned for their excellent taste and aroma because of the particular soil and favorable climatic conditions.

Only fresh coconuts are hand-picked at the right stage of maturity, being between twelve and fourteen months old with brown, dry husks.

organic farm

Our sub-licensed farms are over two decades old combined, and currently measures one-hundred-and-forty hectares and growing.

There are sixteen plantations in total, which are located in the East and West provinces of Chonburi and Samut Songkhram, Thailand.

These controlled, certified-organic coconut farms give us a consistent supply of high quality coconuts. Traditionally maintained and free of chemicals, the trees rely on their falling plant debris as a natural, self-sufficient source of fertilizer.

Some of these coconut farms surround our facility. These towering trees provide a graphical image, inspiration and connection to our raw material.

100% Fresh

Our delicate manner of production yields a premium quality product.

Through our wet-pressed and centrifugation method, all vital nutrients are retained without compromising quality, while simultaneously giving a shelf life exceeding two years.

The result is that Earth Born's virgin coconut oil has a light texture, sweet aroma and silky-smooth, creamy taste.

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